New Reviews for both Incantations and Rituals

Incantations from the Other Side: Spirit Magic

While Zombie Sky Press keeps busy pushing out the next project, I wanted to point out some recent reviews for Incantations from the Other Side and Rituals from the Other Side.

Lou Agresta’s RPGAgression has posted 5 out of 5 rudii for both titles:

This is great stuff. Meaty and earthy. Coached by the authors to keep the inner workings of the spirit world a mystery, Incantations and Rituals helps GMs make magic scary and awe-inspiring again. Remember those days of wondering just what the heck the magic-user at the table will pull out of the hat? Well, welcome them back, even if you are – especially if you are – the magic-user. Not to mention, I’ve always found there’s nothing quite like a rich connection to a real-world system of magic and its can’t-help-but-be-gripping imagery to bring game magic alive.

And terraleon has posted reviews at EN World, Incantations and Rituals:

Overall, I think this book is a great purchase. It has material that players will be tempted to use (if given access), exotic and unusual magic to spice up settings and stories, and great magic that works great for villains or heroes without some kind of alignment bias. Even better than that, this material is functional in worlds where magic should be nonexistant or very weak– because the characters are never responsible for the effects, all the magical power comes from the summoned spirits. You want to put a little lost magic in a d20 Modern or Future game without unbalancing the world or adding a whole set of mechanics? This book provides a great way to do so and keep your setting in balance.

See for yourself why reviewers are enjoying spirit magic! The PDFs can be purchased at leading online stores that sell RPG PDFs.

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