Mysteries of the Dead Side

Mysteries of the Dead SideCalling all Pathfinder RPG fans! Sign up for our Kickstarter project Mysteries of the Dead Side.

We’re building a new class, and we want your help. With the sacred necromancer, we’ll dive deep into the topic of necromancy.

As a backer, you won’t just sit there and wait for product, you get to participate and make us dance for your amusement. Interested in learning how to design a new class and other mechanics from seasoned freelancers? This is the place. Interested in having a say in the shaping of the final product? This is the place. Interested in seeing the nuts and bolts of putting together a project? You guessed it–right here.

This is a small, intimate project, tightly focused around the theme of necromancy and the (un)dead. The number of patrons will be small, so you know your voice will carry a lot of weight. Want to try your hand at design? You’ll have instant access to the brains of the designers and constructive feedback. Including myself, +Scott Gable, with over 5 years of RPG freelancing experience, +Ben McFarland has signed up, fresh off of the lead design role for Open Design’sStreets of Zobeck patronage project and dozens of other projects.

Tentatively, the new class will follow the model of the oracle with at least 5 fully compatible mysteries and at least 40 new revelations, so you can either use these options as a sacred necromancer or as an oracle. You could play as an exorcist, protecting innocents from undead threats or coercing the undead to do your bidding. You could play an eater of the dead, gaining dark powers from ingesting the flesh of the fallen. You could play as a spirit detective, cajoling whispered secrets from the corners of the realms of the dead. You could even play as a revenant, risen from the dead and driven by terrible vengeance. Tight mechanics that are full of flavor. There will also be new spells, new feats, new items, and more.

All for just $4. All necromancy, all the time. Do it!

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