It Came from the Stars: 2nd Week’s Update

It Came from the StarsRounding out the second week of funding for It Came from the Stars! Below are the collected promotion updates from last week. Sound exciting? Come join us, and support small press.

With Stars in Your Eyes #5

Last time, I hinted at seeing other worlds in It Came from the Stars. While this isn’t intended to be a space-faring addition to the game, there is still a chance to visit other planets. Portals.

Portals, whether driven by technology or magic (or both), will give you the chance to explore the stars. Maybe you went through one knowing what it was, maybe it was an accident. There’ll be generic rules and guidelines for handling this in your own games. You’ll be able to tweak the environmental options to create just the locale you need: modify gravity, air quality, landscape hazards, and more. There will likely be some specific worlds detailed, too, providing some interesting options to play with. Perhaps a (mostly) abandoned outpost, plunging into the sun. Perhaps an oddly disturbing temple, its nightmare landscape preventing you from leaving and threatening to destroy your mind. Perhaps an interstellar crossroads, full of odd races. Perhaps a seedy cantina with mysterious figures offering adventure to those brave enough to take it…

With Stars in Your Eyes #6

What about technology and arcane devices from the stars in It Came from the Stars? What secrets do they hide? Do you have the skill to figure them out?

What if this strange technology was built for the game like an incantation? That is, if you have the right skills, you can access their terrible, wonderful secrets. The shimmering surface of the portal promises untold sights. The brain canister hums mechanically. The giant guardian lurches to life. The personal transmogrification chamber whirs and bumbles quizzically. The death ray… looms menacingly.

With Stars in Your Eyes # 7

We already talked about one new class in It Came from the Stars–the starseed. But that’s not the only one. There’s also one called (tentatively) the untouchable.

The untouchable is an odd one, indeed. Those of this class develop a force field around their bodies. This is a tremendous boost to AC but prevents them from doing many things, such as use weapons. Instead, they have mastered ways of affecting opponents more indirectly, like reflecting attacks, redirecting enemy attacks into other enemies, and throwing enemies (not unlike aikido). Where the starseed uses telekinesis actively and deliberately, the untouchable’s abilities are passive and always on.

With Stars in Your Eyes #8

New classes won’t be the only new player options in It Came from the Stars. But some of them come at a price.

Will you let the dark whispers in your head steer your decisions? After all, their words sound so sweet, their solutions so elegant. Will you give in to your symbiote’s demands? If you don’t, it will surely die–or turn on you. How much of yourself will you replace with alien technology? It started with just a little here and a little there, but now…

There are decisions to be made, and they aren’t the easy kind.

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