It Came from the Stars Update

It Came from the StarsWe’re making slow and steady progress with funding for It Came from the Stars! Below are the collected promotion updates from last week. Sound exciting? Come join us…

With Stars in Your Eyes #1

We just launched It Came from the Stars for Pathfinder RPG, and perhaps, the best place to start this conversation is with the stunning illustration by +Roxxy Goetz (at the top of the Kickstarter page).

The star beast in the image is a new type of dragon–one that thrives in the interstellar void. They are a little different from your standard dragons in that each star beast is unique. They look different from one another, they have different abilities and powers levels, and they have different personalities. But they are all out for themselves and are all very powerful. A handful of these dreaded monsters will be developed, from Fomalhaut (the star beast shown) to Wormwood (the most terrible of all)…

But that’s not all there is to that illustration: the star beast is chasing a falling star. A falling star in this context is, quite literally, a star-spawned fey. A star beast’s favorite snack.

The tone is set right here in this one illustration. It’s still the fantasy you know, but with a taste of what lies beyond. If that sounds fun to you or if you just want to see more of Roxxy’s gorgeous illustrations, come join us.

With Stars in Your Eyes #2

Perhaps the initial ideas that gave birth to It Came from the Stars were for new classes. Something really different in flavor from the core. Something strange. Something that could only come from the stars. Whether that’s because of the strange meteorite you and your friends found, because of the alien larvae in your head, because you were bombarded with Z-rays, or something else more bizarre, you can do some messed up stuff… (in a manner balanced with other classes of course).

The very first of this batch is the starseed. As a starseed, you are a terrible warrior, whose “muscle” and “steel” take the form of tendrils of telekinetic force. You lash out at foes at range and toss them around at a whim. Your mind and body are becoming one. You are a scion of the stars themselves.

With Stars in Your Eyes #3 

I was asked about inspiration for It Came from the Stars. The obvious names are the weird fiction masters who set it all off for me: HP Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and the others of that era, like Blackwood, Machen, Dunsany, Chambers. But that is only a part of this project. Add to those the sword & planet and space opera fiction writers of later years: Moorcock, Wolfe, and so many more. Movies and television dealing with facing the unknown, like The Day of the Triffids, Invasion of the Body Snatchers,Dr. Who, and The Twilight Zone. Comics, anime, music–there’s so much that has been an inspiration for this.

But it’s all yet to be written. And you, the patrons, will decide much of what is included, so who knows which bits of inspiration will have the greatest influence at the end. But you can bet that cosmic secrets, invading aliens, drugged-out cultists, rampaging monsters, crash-landed spacecraft, and even death rays will be among the tools we pick from.

With Stars in Your Eyes #4 

What about the adventures for It Came from the Stars? Well, I mentioned some inspirations last time, and you can expect to see a lot of those kind of stories. I think it’s safe to say that the core conceit will be PCs struggling against the unknown.

  • A strange rock has fallen from the sky, turning villagers nearby against them. How will they respond?
  • After investigating an odd wreckage, the PCs start experiencing strange effects. Will the maddening whispers crush their wills? Will they turn on one another?
  • Creatures from the sky wreak havoc upon the known world. Will the PCs survive?
  • The PCs are trapped with an unknown enemy. Can they work together for freedom or will they destroy each other?
  • The PCs step through a portal and find themselves on a new world. What oddities will they find? Will they ever make it back?

These are just some of the possibilities for adventure. What would you like to see?

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