Relaunch: It Came from the Stars

MagnetarIt Came from the Stars has relaunched! Now with a more modest size and funding goal and with restructured rewards, including the limited edition color, hardcover at $50.

This supplement gives you new player options, new GM options, and new adventures to give your Pathfinder RPG game a taste of the stars. You can participate in the project’s growth by throwing in your ideas and playtesting the results. Maybe you’ll even decide to try your hand at design. And there’s an all-star team on board, standing by to blow your mind! Jump on board and try something brand new for the Pathfinder RPG.

And there’s another stunning piece from project illustrator¬†Roxxy Goetz!


Magnetars are elementals from the starry vastness… At their core, each is a semi-sentient, extremely dense fragment of a star. However, using their magnetic abilities, they build complex suits of armor and weapons around themselves from whatever is available. Each is unique.

When on a given planet, they typically take a form similar to the dominant life–or at least the life they first encounter–but they are capable of creating armor of any form. They have even been known to coalesce and build massive forms.

It’s not clear what drives a magnetar. Entire planets have been razed by only small invasion forces. Perhaps they are summoned by those that should know better? Or perhaps magnetars have developed an agenda of their own?

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