Open Call for Short Stories

The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way PreludeHey writers! We intentionally left one or two slots open in an upcoming anthology of fey tales to try to catch some unexpected talent. Want to submit something for it? Zombie Sky Press is open to submissions as of August 9.

The Requirements: Email your stories to Stories must be attachments on the email and in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. No more than two submissions per person. No simultaneous submissions or reprints. We want 3000-5000 word stories about the fey. We will automatically reject any manuscript that doesn’t meet these requirements. The deadline for short story submissions is October 1, 2012.

The Details: This is an anthology of dark fantasy tales of the fey. Your story should involve fey in some way. The anthology is tied to The Faerie Ring product line published by Zombie Sky Press.
Moral ambiguity and emotional intensity are encouraged. We ARE looking for interesting characters, intense emotion, fanciful locations, frightful and fantastic (or gritty) stories. We are NOT looking for fables or retellings of classic fairy tales. We are also NOT looking for cliche RPG themes (such as parties of armor-clad adventurers storming the evil castle). No modernity or real world history or religions. But adapting elements of mythology and folklore is welcome.

This is a fantasy shared world (but it’s so broad and open that most things fantasy have a place). Just about any fantasy story can happen here, somewhere. Though in many ways it’s a traditional fantasy setting, you’re encouraged to go a little nuts. Bring on the flying castles, stolen babies, purchased memories, goblin markets, whatever. A little weird and over-the-top is fine (and even encouraged). Make it fantastic. And tend toward dark.

You are also not restricted to European flavors of fey (though they are certainly welcome). For instance, an Arabian-themed fantasy tale featuring peri or an Asian-themed tale featuring kitsune are welcome. (Our definition of the fey is a bit broader than some.)

We pay 5¢ per word for fiction.

We look forward to reading your word offerings!


10 comments to Open Call for Short Stories

  • Can you be a bit more specific about what sort of publication rights you’re asking for?

  • Sorry for not having this up top. I’ll fix that soon. We ask for first world ebook and print rights, and non-exclusive anthology rights.

  • Hack

    Could you elaborate on “no modernity”? It can’t take place in a modern/alternative-modern setting?

  • That’s right, Hack: no modern times or even alternative modern times. These should be traditional fantasy in setting.

  • Jarrod Camiré

    Is there a specific campaign setting linked with Zombie Sky Press where we can set the story?

  • The anthology is loosely tied to our The Faerie Ring line of products. If you want more information on scope and tone, the Prelude would be the place to check. However, knowledge of the world’s details is not required. A good faerie story is the most important thing. 🙂

  • We’ve extended the deadline by 2 weeks… for sanity! 🙂

  • Hi! Coming late to the party. I saw the last post indicating the deadline had been extended by two weeks. Just to clarify, the deadline is now October 15th?


  • Oooh, I see what happened there. The original date was Sept 15, which was then extended to Oct 1. The change was already made in the post. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll go ahead and accept stories for consideration until Oct 15.

  • Wow! Thank you! I have something almost done that I think you might appreciate!