The Fey Apocalypse is Coming

Firbolg-finish-thumbThe Faerie Ring has been moving fast behind the scenes and is approaching the release of it’s first products.

Our first adventure is in development. It’s a low-level one that introduces you to the fir bolg and the cu sith(!), and it’s brought to you by the talented Stephen Rowe. (And here’s an illustration for it from Domenico Neziti of a fir bolg hunter.) Can’t wait for you to see this one. We’ll be releasing it and early chapters from the Campaign Guide first. Things will be falling like dominoes after.

We set up a Google Community as our forum. So come chat with us about the coming fey apocalypse and see how the chapters are shaping up.

There’s still time to pre-order The Faerie Ring for either Pathfinder RPG or D&D 5E…!


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