The Faerie Ring: Campaign Guide 5E Releases (!!!)

And the fey are so tired and sleeping their revelry off.

It’s finished! The Faerie Ring: Campaign Guide for 5E has been released to the wild! And all backers should have received their download links last night!

I very much hope you enjoy this. It’s the culmination of many years’ work. Thank you once again to everyone that made this possible. Please consider leaving a review of it somewhere so that others might come check it out. (Here it’s at Zombie Sky Press. Other links will go live soon.)

Next up are the Player’s Guides, and much has been completed on these already. I hope to have both editions finished by the end of this month. We’ll let the Campaign Guides rest until after that before we start the print process, in order to give us time to catch any typos.

More soon…!

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