The Fey Apocalypse is Coming

The Faerie Ring has been moving fast behind the scenes and is approaching the release of it’s first products.

Our first adventure is in development. It’s a low-level one that introduces you to the fir bolg and the cu sith(!), and it’s brought to you by the talented Stephen Rowe. (And here’s an illustration for […]

Zombie Sky Mailing List

Our Zombie Sky mailing list just went live. Join and get the latest updates and sneak peeks of upcoming releases. Pick our brains, and discover why we do the things we do. Discuss our games, and help shape how we grow.

Come, join us!

Zombie Sky Press at Kobold Quarterly Store

That’s right, there’s 100% chance of a Zombie Sky over Zobeck!

Wolfgang, the Kobold-in-Chief himself, made the announcement that the Kobold Quarterly store is now carrying Zombie Sky Press products. We’re ecstatic to be on the virtual shelves next to issues of Kobold Quarterly, the Zobeck gazetteers, and the rest of Open Design’s impressive […]

The Rise of Zombie Sky Press

Welcome to life under the Zombie Sky! There’s interesting things on the way. Our first pdf is now available… one version for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and one version for 4E.

Incantations and rituals give an exciting twist to magic and are accessible to any character. Be warned, though, for the magic in this […]