More Mosquitofolk Reviews

Megan Robertson of RPG Resource gives a 5/5 star review of Here Be Monsters: Aching for Blood (Mosquitofolk) at DriveThruRPG and Paizo:

This is an excellent example of how to present a new monster – replete with background detail that enables you to embed them into your campaign world, and with a detailed lair designed […]

You Can’t Escape the Mosquitofolk

The fine folks at Robot Viking seem to be enjoying Here Be Monsters: Aching for Blood (Mosquitofolk):

The concept is brilliant—humanoid mosquitos aren’t just unpleasant in a creepy-crawly way. They’ve got a giant proboscis that will probably kill you outright, and if not, it will suck out all of your blood…

It gets better. These […]

First Review of Here Be Monsters

The first review of Here Be Monsters: Aching for Blood (Mosquitofolk) is up at The Vorpal Spork:

Three pages in I was nodding my head and grinning. By the time I reached the end I was scheming about how I could drop my group into this buzzing buzz-saw.

… more than just a monster ecology, […]

Incantations in Theory and Practice

This past week brought a new release from Zombie Sky Press, Incantations in Theory and Practice. It updates and expands incantations (the alternate magic system from 3.5E) for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. There are new options for players and GMs and 3 new incantations.

The pdf is currently available at Paizo and RPGNow.

Want another […]

New Reviews for both Incantations and Rituals

While Zombie Sky Press keeps busy pushing out the next project, I wanted to point out some recent reviews for Incantations from the Other Side and Rituals from the Other Side.

Lou Agresta’s RPGAgression has posted 5 out of 5 rudii for both titles:

This is great stuff. Meaty and earthy. Coached by the […]

5-Star Review!

Over at RPGNow, Shane O’Connor has written the very first review of Incantations from the Other Side: Spirit Magic… and gives it 5 stars!

Shane writes: “it left me wanting more” and “this book is what every RPG designer hopes their sourcebook will be: inspirational.”

That is just what we had hoped! It thrills […]