The Faerie Ring: Campaign Guide 5E Releases (!!!)

And the fey are so tired and sleeping their revelry off.

It’s finished! The Faerie Ring: Campaign Guide for 5E has been released to the wild! And all backers should have received their download links last night!

I very much hope you enjoy this. It’s the culmination of many years’ work. Thank you once again […]

New Release: The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Campaign Guide

Over 10 years ago, I started writing The Faerie Ring (RPG setting). It was just a thing I had to do. It scratched an itch of what I wanted in my own games, expanding on faeries, adding new oddities. That is, more crazy adventures to strange planes meeting weird creatures but still focused on the […]

The Fey Apocalypse is Coming

The Faerie Ring has been moving fast behind the scenes and is approaching the release of it’s first products.

Our first adventure is in development. It’s a low-level one that introduces you to the fir bolg and the cu sith(!), and it’s brought to you by the talented Stephen Rowe. (And here’s an illustration for […]

Dancing With Faeries

Big news week for us at Zombie Sky Press.

D&D 5E just released their updated OGL, fully sanctioning third-party publishers.

Also, Indiegogo InDemand picked us up! With InDemand, we can continue where we successfully left off our previous campaign. You can still pledge, and the stretch goals will keep coming for new and old backers […]

The Fey Are Coming

The horseshoe’s over the door. The cream’s on the porch. Should be safe for a bit. Long enough to check out our latest Kickstarter about the fey… I mean the Fair Folk!

The Faerie Ring expands the fey options for both players and GMs using Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and creates new opportunities for meddling where […]

Open Call for Short Stories

Hey writers! We intentionally left one or two slots open in an upcoming anthology of fey tales to try to catch some unexpected talent. Want to submit something for it? Zombie Sky Press is open to submissions as of August 9.

The Requirements: Email your stories to Stories must be attachments on the email […]

The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way #2—Red Jack (PFRPG) PDF

What do you get when you cross a fox with Jack the Ripper?

Meet Red Jack, a kitsune who clawed his way back from death just to get revenge. He’s the new avatar of death. Well, avatar in training at least.

Red Jack is one of the fey lords in The Faerie Ring. He […]

Reviews of The Faerie Ring

The fine folks at Robot Viking seem to be enjoying The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Prelude (PFRPG):

The ideas within The Faerie Ring are evocative and interesting…

The execution is just as good, with excellent writing and an obvious passion for the subject matter that can’t help but get […]

The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Prelude

(Illustration by Julie Dillon)

Happy solstice! May the fey accept your propitiations for the new year.

The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Prelude (PFRPG) is now availaible! Find it at your favorite online vendor of RPG PDFs.

This is an especially wonderful release for us as it marks our brand new line, The […]

The Faerie Ring

The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Prelude

Nail down the furniture, and hide the children… the fey are coming!

The Faerie Ring is almost here, but before you meet the fey lords and their servitors within this new series, you need to get up to speed with The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way […]