The Stars are Fast Approaching

It Came from the StarsWe got so busy working on wonderful new shiny products that we forgot to make public updates for It Came from the Stars. Well, we are nearing completion! Most of the content is in, and we’ve started posting completed sections to patrons, such as adventures from Richard Pett and Colin McComb. Stay tuned for ore news!

Set the Controls for the Stars

It Came from the StarsThe funding for It Came from the Stars sailed past 100% and is climbing. The first stretch goal to increase the page count is absolutely within reach!

But there’s only 13 hours left before funding is stopped. Take the plunge, and join us for a wondrous, terrifying, groovy ride!

The Sky is Falling!

It Came from the StarsLooks like our planet’s on course to survive another year, but a new year of unknown terrors is right around the corner. It Came from the Stars, your primer for the end of the world, is nearly 75% funded!

To ring in the new year, anyone that makes a new pledge to this project or upgrades an existing pledge (from 12/30 until close on 1/2) will receive a PDF of their choice from the Zombie Sky Press catalog for FREE. Even if we don’t meet the final goal! If (WHEN!) we do meet our goal, EVERY backer will get this benefit and ONE lucky, random backer will receive ZSP’s entire back catalog of PDFs.

Additionally, there’s a brand new backer level at $100 that gets you a 2012 Digital Pass, entitling you to FREE copies of EVERY PDF we put out in 2012! Those pledging (or already pledged for) more than $100 receive this as well.

Watch out, the stars are sneaking up behind you!

Game on!

Relaunch: It Came from the Stars

MagnetarIt Came from the Stars has relaunched! Now with a more modest size and funding goal and with restructured rewards, including the limited edition color, hardcover at $50.

This supplement gives you new player options, new GM options, and new adventures to give your Pathfinder RPG game a taste of the stars. You can participate in the project’s growth by throwing in your ideas and playtesting the results. Maybe you’ll even decide to try your hand at design. And there’s an all-star team on board, standing by to blow your mind! Jump on board and try something brand new for the Pathfinder RPG.

And there’s another stunning piece from project illustrator Roxxy Goetz!


Magnetars are elementals from the starry vastness… Continue reading Relaunch: It Came from the Stars

It Came from the Stars: Update and New Art

AstreidBrand new art from Roxxy Goetz of the astreid–fierce and brutal hunters! One of the new creatures being designed for It Came from the Stars.

The Astreid: Bold. Proud. Intense. Brutal. The astreid are hunters. These fey scour the stars, relentlessly chasing their prey. As dryads are connected to the woodlands and nereids to the sea, astreids are at one with the starry vastness above.

Unforgiving, like the dark expanse in which they thrive, they lead with a passion geared toward action. And usually violence. They are hunters, and their range is all they see.

If such a space nymph targets you, you best be getting your affairs in order.

(And there’s a video up now! Check it out, and join today!) Continue reading It Came from the Stars: Update and New Art

It Came from the Stars: 2nd Week’s Update

It Came from the StarsRounding out the second week of funding for It Came from the Stars! Below are the collected promotion updates from last week. Sound exciting? Come join us, and support small press.

With Stars in Your Eyes #5

Last time, I hinted at seeing other worlds in It Came from the Stars. While this isn’t intended to be a space-faring addition to the game, there is still a chance to visit other planets. Portals.

Portals, whether driven by technology or magic (or both), will give you the chance to explore the stars. Maybe you went through one knowing what it was, maybe it was an accident. There’ll be generic rules and guidelines for handling this in your own games. You’ll be able to tweak the environmental options to create just the locale you need: modify gravity, air quality, landscape hazards, and more. There will likely be some specific worlds detailed, too, providing some interesting options to play with. Perhaps a (mostly) abandoned outpost, plunging into the sun. Perhaps an oddly disturbing temple, its nightmare landscape preventing you from leaving and threatening to destroy your mind. Perhaps an interstellar crossroads, full of odd races. Perhaps a seedy cantina with mysterious figures offering adventure to those brave enough to take it… Continue reading It Came from the Stars: 2nd Week’s Update

It Came from the Stars Update

It Came from the StarsWe’re making slow and steady progress with funding for It Came from the Stars! Below are the collected promotion updates from last week. Sound exciting? Come join us…

With Stars in Your Eyes #1

We just launched It Came from the Stars for Pathfinder RPG, and perhaps, the best place to start this conversation is with the stunning illustration by +Roxxy Goetz (at the top of the Kickstarter page).

The star beast in the image is a new type of dragon–one that thrives in the interstellar void. They are a little different from your standard dragons in that each star beast is unique. They look different from one another, they have different abilities and powers levels, and they have different personalities. But they are all out for themselves and are all very powerful. A handful of these dreaded monsters will be developed, from Fomalhaut (the star beast shown) to Wormwood (the most terrible of all)… Continue reading It Came from the Stars Update

New Kickstarter Project: It Came from the Stars

It Came from the Stars It Came from the Stars brings the mystery of the unknown and the weird to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with new player options, new monsters, and new adventures. Mystery, wonder, and terror from the starry vastness await you. Whether you play in a world that is already aware of what lies beyond or that has been so far oblivious, it’s about to get ugly.

Discover bold new options for characters: Fantastic psychic abilities. Strange alien technology. Mindwarping secrets. Will you stalwartly oppose the madness or will you give in? Can you twist the dark whispers to your own advantage?

Confront challenging new foes: For instance, the dreaded star beasts (one is illustrated above). Each star beast is unique in personality, appearance, and power. What can you hope to do if one of these devastating forces comes to your world? Or any of the other new creatures, for that matter?

Plunge into harrowing adventure: The stars are here! Stave off invasion. Discover derelict technologies. Plunge yourself into worlds unknown. How will you fare in the coming confrontation?

Join today!

Mysteries of the Dead Side

Mysteries of the Dead SideCalling all Pathfinder RPG fans! Sign up for our Kickstarter project Mysteries of the Dead Side.

We’re building a new class, and we want your help. With the sacred necromancer, we’ll dive deep into the topic of necromancy.

As a backer, you won’t just sit there and wait for product, you get to participate and make us dance for your amusement. Interested in learning how to design a new class and other mechanics from seasoned freelancers? This is the place. Interested in having a say in the shaping of the final product? This is the place. Interested in seeing the nuts and bolts of putting together a project? You guessed it–right here.

This is a small, intimate project, tightly focused around the theme of necromancy and the (un)dead. The number of patrons will be small, so you know your voice will carry a lot of weight. Want to try your hand at design? You’ll have instant access to the brains of the designers and constructive feedback. Including myself, +Scott Gable, with over 5 years of RPG freelancing experience, +Ben McFarland has signed up, fresh off of the lead design role for Open Design’sStreets of Zobeck patronage project and dozens of other projects.

Tentatively, the new class will follow the model of the oracle with at least 5 fully compatible mysteries and at least 40 new revelations, so you can either use these options as a sacred necromancer or as an oracle. You could play as an exorcist, protecting innocents from undead threats or coercing the undead to do your bidding. You could play an eater of the dead, gaining dark powers from ingesting the flesh of the fallen. You could play as a spirit detective, cajoling whispered secrets from the corners of the realms of the dead. You could even play as a revenant, risen from the dead and driven by terrible vengeance. Tight mechanics that are full of flavor. There will also be new spells, new feats, new items, and more.

All for just $4. All necromancy, all the time. Do it!

Tattlebox #1

Tattlebox #1

Welcome to Tattlebox,the traveling sideshow! Find an assortment of wonders and horrors in this ongoing miscellany.

In this issue,you’ll find…

  • Falling Leaves:a comic of fey proportions
  • Let’s Split the Party!:an essay on why you should split the party
  • 14 new weapons,6 new weapon special features,a new artifact,and more

Each Tattlebox presents something for everyone:tips,flavor,crunch. Stuff for players and GMs.

Tattlebox #1 is a high quality,full-color,web-optimized,8-page pdf from Zombie Sky Press. It uses the Open Game License and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatibility License. It is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and standard 3.5E fantasy RPGs.

Design by Scott Gable;Illustration by Drew Pocza,Ashton Sperry,and Julie Dillon;Editing by Christopher Bodan.

Available now at DriveThruRPGPaizo,and RPGNow.

Let us know what you think in the comments!