It Came from the Stars Update

We’re making slow and steady progress with funding for It Came from the Stars! Below are the collected promotion updates from last week. Sound exciting? Come join us…

With Stars in Your Eyes #1

We just launched It Came from the Stars for Pathfinder RPG, and perhaps, the best place to start this conversation is […]

New Kickstarter Project: It Came from the Stars

It Came from the Stars brings the mystery of the unknown and the weird to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with new player options, new monsters, and new adventures. Mystery, wonder, and terror from the starry vastness await you. Whether you play in a world that is already aware of what lies beyond or that has […]

Mysteries of the Dead Side

Calling all Pathfinder RPG fans! Sign up for our Kickstarter project Mysteries of the Dead Side.

We’re building a new class, and we want your help. With the sacred necromancer, we’ll dive deep into the topic of necromancy.

As a backer, you won’t just sit there and wait for product, you get to participate and […]