New Release: The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Campaign Guide

Over 10 years ago, I started writing The Faerie Ring (RPG setting). It was just a thing I had to do. It scratched an itch of what I wanted in my own games, expanding on faeries, adding new oddities. That is, more crazy adventures to strange planes meeting weird creatures but still focused on the […]

The Fey Apocalypse is Coming

The Faerie Ring has been moving fast behind the scenes and is approaching the release of it’s first products.

Our first adventure is in development. It’s a low-level one that introduces you to the fir bolg and the cu sith(!), and it’s brought to you by the talented Stephen Rowe. (And here’s an illustration for […]

Dancing With Faeries

Big news week for us at Zombie Sky Press.

D&D 5E just released their updated OGL, fully sanctioning third-party publishers.

Also, Indiegogo InDemand picked us up! With InDemand, we can continue where we successfully left off our previous campaign. You can still pledge, and the stretch goals will keep coming for new and old backers […]

The Fey Are Coming

The horseshoe’s over the door. The cream’s on the porch. Should be safe for a bit. Long enough to check out our latest Kickstarter about the fey… I mean the Fair Folk!

The Faerie Ring expands the fey options for both players and GMs using Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and creates new opportunities for meddling where […]

Order the It Came from the Stars Campaign Guide

It Came from the Stars Campaign Guide

The stars are here! The It Came from the Stars Campaign Guide is now at the printer and will soon plummet to earth. The Kickstarter-funded patron project was a wonderful success. Many backers gave their lives… er… talents and helped make this project truly take off. Thanks […]

The Stars are Fast Approaching

We got so busy working on wonderful new shiny products that we forgot to make public updates for It Came from the Stars. Well, we are nearing completion! Most of the content is in, and we’ve started posting completed sections to patrons, such as adventures from Richard Pett and Colin McComb. Stay tuned for ore […]

Set the Controls for the Stars

The funding for It Came from the Stars sailed past 100% and is climbing. The first stretch goal to increase the page count is absolutely within reach!

But there’s only 13 hours left before funding is stopped. Take the plunge, and join us for a wondrous, terrifying, groovy ride!


The Sky is Falling!

Looks like our planet’s on course to survive another year, but a new year of unknown terrors is right around the corner. It Came from the Stars, your primer for the end of the world, is nearly 75% funded!

To ring in the new year, anyone that makes a new pledge to this project or […]

Relaunch: It Came from the Stars

It Came from the Stars has relaunched! Now with a more modest size and funding goal and with restructured rewards, including the limited edition color, hardcover at $50.

This supplement gives you new player options, new GM options, and new adventures to give your Pathfinder RPG game a taste of the stars. You can participate […]

It Came from the Stars: Update and New Art

Brand new art from Roxxy Goetz of the astreid–fierce and brutal hunters! One of the new creatures being designed for It Came from the Stars.

The Astreid: Bold. Proud. Intense. Brutal. The astreid are hunters. These fey scour the stars, relentlessly chasing their prey. As dryads are connected to the woodlands and nereids to the […]