It Came from the Stars Update

We’re making slow and steady progress with funding for It Came from the Stars! Below are the collected promotion updates from last week. Sound exciting? Come join us…

With Stars in Your Eyes #1

We just launched It Came from the Stars for Pathfinder RPG, and perhaps, the best place to start this conversation is […]

New Kickstarter Project: It Came from the Stars

It Came from the Stars brings the mystery of the unknown and the weird to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with new player options, new monsters, and new adventures. Mystery, wonder, and terror from the starry vastness await you. Whether you play in a world that is already aware of what lies beyond or that has […]

Mysteries of the Dead Side

Calling all Pathfinder RPG fans! Sign up for our Kickstarter project Mysteries of the Dead Side.

We’re building a new class, and we want your help. With the sacred necromancer, we’ll dive deep into the topic of necromancy.

As a backer, you won’t just sit there and wait for product, you get to participate and […]

Tattlebox #1

Welcome to Tattlebox,the traveling sideshow! Find an assortment of wonders and horrors in this ongoing miscellany.

In this issue,you’ll find…

Falling Leaves:a comic of fey proportions Let’s Split the Party!:an essay on why you should split the party 14 new weapons,6 new weapon special features,a new artifact,and more

Each Tattlebox presents something for everyone:tips,flavor,crunch. […]

The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way #2—Red Jack (PFRPG) PDF

What do you get when you cross a fox with Jack the Ripper?

Meet Red Jack, a kitsune who clawed his way back from death just to get revenge. He’s the new avatar of death. Well, avatar in training at least.

Red Jack is one of the fey lords in The Faerie Ring. He […]

Mysteries of the Tengu Road: Yamabushi, the Sublime Transmuter

Love transmutation magic? Interested in playing a character dedicated to only one school of magic?

We just released a brand new Pathfinder Roleplaying Game base class—the yamabushi, or the sublime transmuter.

Even more specialized than a specialist wizard,the yamabushi can only ever cast transmutation spells. But they can cast any transmutation spell,whether arcane or […]

Reviews of The Faerie Ring

The fine folks at Robot Viking seem to be enjoying The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Prelude (PFRPG):

The ideas within The Faerie Ring are evocative and interesting…

The execution is just as good, with excellent writing and an obvious passion for the subject matter that can’t help but get […]

The Faerie Ring

The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way Prelude

Nail down the furniture, and hide the children… the fey are coming!

The Faerie Ring is almost here, but before you meet the fey lords and their servitors within this new series, you need to get up to speed with The Faerie Ring: Along the Twisting Way […]

More Mosquitofolk Reviews

Megan Robertson of RPG Resource gives a 5/5 star review of Here Be Monsters: Aching for Blood (Mosquitofolk) at DriveThruRPG and Paizo:

This is an excellent example of how to present a new monster – replete with background detail that enables you to embed them into your campaign world, and with a detailed lair designed […]

You Can’t Escape the Mosquitofolk

The fine folks at Robot Viking seem to be enjoying Here Be Monsters: Aching for Blood (Mosquitofolk):

The concept is brilliant—humanoid mosquitos aren’t just unpleasant in a creepy-crawly way. They’ve got a giant proboscis that will probably kill you outright, and if not, it will suck out all of your blood…

It gets better. These […]