New Reviews for both Incantations and Rituals

While Zombie Sky Press keeps busy pushing out the next project, I wanted to point out some recent reviews for Incantations from the Other Side and Rituals from the Other Side.

Lou Agresta’s RPGAgression has posted 5 out of 5 rudii for both titles:

This is great stuff. Meaty and earthy. Coached by the […]

5-Star Review!

Over at RPGNow, Shane O’Connor has written the very first review of Incantations from the Other Side: Spirit Magic… and gives it 5 stars!

Shane writes: “it left me wanting more” and “this book is what every RPG designer hopes their sourcebook will be: inspirational.”

That is just what we had hoped! It thrills […]

The Rise of Zombie Sky Press

Welcome to life under the Zombie Sky! There’s interesting things on the way. Our first pdf is now available… one version for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and one version for 4E.

Incantations and rituals give an exciting twist to magic and are accessible to any character. Be warned, though, for the magic in this […]